Sending Out Account Info and Testing 


The Send Account Info process allows you to send out a mass email to chosen accounts within a group. This email by default will provide the specific username and account status for each email recipient. To send out account info first go to the school level and select the group that you want to send the info out to. Next select the students within that group who you want to send the info to. Click on the pink search button to generate the list of accounts that you are about to send a mass email too. 

Scenario: When I select the parent group the search filter only searches for the students. 

This is correct, the search criteria will look for the students whose parents you want to send the info out to, not the students themselves. 


The recommendation for sending out account info is that you should provide the parents with the purpose of this account, the CONNECT parent portal URL, their username, and the expectation for their first-time login experience. You can enter the purpose of the account as well as the URL and first-time login expectations through the note or policy note. These options can be enabled below the list of accounts by clicking on the checkboxes. The note is a temporary field that allows you to enter any text you want. Once you send off the account info or leave this page, the note gets deleted. The Policy note is a more permanent option where the text you want populated there can be saved so you can use it again in the future. To populate the policy note, please inform the SIS support team what content you want populated there. 


To send out the account info once you have it all set up and the desired accounts checked off, click on the mail icon in the bottom right of the screen. This will send out the mass email and populate a report on the success of each email for you to view. If a problem occurred when sending out the emails then this report will let you know the error message. 

Scenario: None of the emails are getting sent out for Send Account Info. The process fails. 

If no emails are being sent out then go to Setup- School- Email Settings. In this screen ensure that you have email settings populated. If you do then you can click Edit and click on the Test button to make sure the email system is set up. If no email settings are populated then please contact SIS support for us to help get you set up. 

Scenario: The Email settings are blank and I don’t know what to populate the fields with. 

Please refer to the following solution article on what email setup options edsembli has available:

Scenario: I want to test what the Send Account Info email looks like before sending it to parents and students. 

To test the Send Account Info process, find an example student whose parent you can temporarily use. Go to the parents contact record and temporarily swap out their email for yours in the email field. Now run the Send Account Info process on that parent and you can expect to receive the email. Ensure that after you’re done testing to replace the proper email back into the contact record. 

Also see the following solution article for more information: Emailing Parents (Send Account Info)