First-Time Login Expectations and Testing 


The expectation for a parent logging in for the first time into the parent portal is for them to enter their username, click Login, then when prompted to enter a password they must click on ‘request a password change’. There is no way in edsembli to view the user's password, so they must go through the reset password process in order to receive a temporary password to login for the first time. Then, they’ll get prompted to manually set it as something custom: 





When the user clicks on ‘request a password change’ they will be prompted to enter their username along with their email address. The user must ensure that the email they are entering is the same email that is populated for the contact in the student record: 


Once the user enters the info and clicks Next, they will see the following screen stating that the password has changed and they will receive an email. 


Scenario: The user entered the wrong email into the password reset process and received an error 

In the scenario that the user is entering the wrong email they will get the following error message: 


If this happens, confirm with the parent that they are using the same email as what is entered in the student record under their contact information. Once the email is sent to the parent, they can expect it to look like this: 


They can now log in using the username and password from the email. After they enter the info for logging in, if their account is set to require a password change after the first login (defined in the CONNECT group under the policy tab) then they will be given the opportunity to enter a custom password: 


The user is now successfully logged in to their CONNECT account. 

Scenario: I would like to test this password reset process. 

To test this processfind an example student whose parent you can temporarily use. Go to the parents contact record and temporarily swap out their email for yours in the email field. Now go to the CONNECT parent portal and enter the username and click Login. When prompted for the password select the option to change the password. Enter the username along with your email and click Next. You should receive the email with the temporary password.