Generating Accounts 


Once you have the account groups defined, you can start generating the CONNECT accounts. To do this, go to the school level and go to More Tools- Security- edsembli CONNECT, click on Generate Accounts. Click on the Group dropdown and select the group that you want to make the accounts under. Depending on the group you choose here, the search results will display accordingly. For example, if the parent group is chosen then only parents will show up in the search results. When the following is all set up, you can click the pink search icon on the right side to display all the possible accounts: 




The search will display all possible accounts regardless of whether they currently exist or not. You can see which accounts don’t currently exist by looking at the Account column. Any account that has ’Will be created’ in this column is not yet generated. If you want to completely remake an account, you must first delete it before attempting to generate it again as accounts will not automatically regenerate through this process. 

Once you generate CONNECT accounts, you can click on the bell icon, then click on the completed notification and preview the pdf file to see the success or failure of the account generation process. In the scenario that the accounts don’t get created, this pdf file is the first place to look when finding out why it was unsuccessful: 



If this pdf doesn’t show any errors, then the accounts were successful in generating. You can now go to the Accounts tab in CONNECT Security and view the accounts you just created. 

Scenario: I have a teacher whose parent account is only showing one of their two students even though they have access both siblings shown in their parent connect account permissions.

The issue here is that there are two connect accounts for this user, a parent account and a staff account and both accounts have the same username. This often comes up from a combination of the staff member having parent/staff accounts at multiple schools within the board, the naming schema for the connect account being the contact's email, and the staff record having the same email as the parent record. Within a single school the system will prevent the two connect accounts from having the same username but if the staff member has an account at the central office or another school and uses the same email as the username it can lead to problems like only showing one of the two siblings. It is recommended that if you are using the contact's email as the naming schema for generating accounts, any staff who are also parents for children within the board should use their personal email for their parent record. This will guarantee that the usernames are all unique. A manual fix is to simply modify either the staff connect account username or the parent account username to make them unique.

Editing Existing Accounts 

If you want to add a new sibling to an existing parent account so that the parent can access both, then edit the parent account and go to the permissions tab. In this tab click on the plus icon and search for the student you want the parent to accessAssuming that these students are connected as siblings and the parent contact is the same between both siblings, they should come up in the search. 

You can add them and edit the permissions for both on an individual level. This is the recommended way of updating a parent account when a new sibling enters the school.

NOTE: If you try regenerating the parent account for just the new sibling, the existing parent account will replace the current student they have access to with the new sibling. This is not the proper way of adding siblings to existing parent accounts. 

Scenario: I am trying to create a mother parent account for 2 siblings but the system generates an individual parent account for each sibling. It should only make one account with access to both siblings. 

The most likely cause of this is that one sibling has a parent contact record that is not the same as the other sibling's parent contact record. Situations like this come up when the user manually enters the contact record for each student rather than manually creating it for one sibling and then just pulling it onto the second sibling. You can check to see if this is the issue by going to one of the sibling's student records and going to Family & Contacts- Contacts, click the pink plus button to add a new contact and click the radio button for ‘Person exists as a contact for the related student’. If the contact shows up on this list, then you can confirm that this is the issue. 

To fix this issue, you will need to delete the contact from one of the sibling student records and repopulate it by pulling it from the other sibling by going to Family & Contacts- Contacts, click the pink plus button to add a new contact and click the radio button for ‘Person exists as a contact for the related student’. Click the contact here to pull it from the sibling. 

If no contacts show up in the list to pull, then ensure that the siblings are connected as siblings by going to Family & Contacts- Siblings.

Scenario: I would like to create all of the passwords myself for each account or manually change them. 

You are able to manually change an account password by clicking on the account and selecting the Change password option. Here when you enter the new password you can uncheck the box for ‘User must change password’. This will make it so the user is not prompted to change their password after the account is created. You can also apply this at the group level under the policies tab.